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    Key of V’s E.D. (Eating Disorders E.P.) is free to anyone who makes (loud) comments about the absurdity of the models in fashion magazines, demands healthy models in the clothing stores they enter or work for (or better, doesn't enter these stores at all), and reminds their men and women that there is more to a person and more to life than looking good and having a body that fits Hollywood’s delusional standards. Encourage the women and men around you—your friends, sisters, brothers, girlfriends, fathers, daughters, coworkers, etc.—to be comfortable and confident in their own skin. Spread awareness to make others mindful of the ways in which magazine, movie, beauty, internet and food companies work to encourage Eating Disorders. Make compassionate choices; buy clothing and other products from companies that don’t diminish self-esteem or contribute to Eating Disorders and perfectionism. Support and demonstrate healthy eating habits by buying food from entities that don’t screw with your head (or better yet grow your own). MOST OF ALL, LOVE YOURSELF, and don’t sacrifice your natural beauty and inspiring confidence to aid in a marketing ploy. ... more




released January 1, 2009




Key of V Williamsport, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Of My Misery
Oh, you hurt me.
Misery please?
Oh, the country
Is not
Responsible for severing
and forgetting diseases
Is it?
Track Name: Gingher
Oh, it's kind of adolescent-esk, but: your face and mine
Oh, it's kind of embarrassing but, I see that shit happen all the time
Oh, it goddamn embarrassing so I'll just hold that shit inside
Oh, I know your thing's not cowardly girls, but everytime I see you I just wanna run and hide.

Oh, know it's embarrassing 'cause baby I've been burnt before
Oh, I know the fact that I slept with your friend might make you think I'm a little whore
Oh, it freakin' beats me up 'cause this behavior is not consistent with the rest of my goddamn life
Oh, maybe I am a whore cause I think about you when I ride my bike....

Gingher, baby, come knock on my door
Gingher, baby, don't make me squirm no more.
Track Name: Mexico, 2005
In Mexico, 2005
You and I really tried.
Your parents took us there
But they did not know,
In Mexico.

You said "Baby,
Can I have your your your
Money, money?
I need more more money."

I said "Sure, sure, sure,
If you pay me back,
If you pay me back,
Just pay me back,
Me, I'm not like that,
And I wouldn't even ask
But I really wanna get this tat..."

On the beach front
We straightened right up
The waves they made us throw up
He said I shouldn't throw up
But it was sea foam
And sea foam
Is gross homes
With no oxycodone.

He said "Darlin,
I think we have a
problem, problem
And if you wanna
Solve it....
We should start right now,
We should just give it up
We should just give it up
I think we've had enough
We should start a new life, and give it up and..."
You just didn't wanna pay me back!

In Mexico, 2005, coke was not just for the guys
But no one was stayin' alive,
In Mexico, in Mexico
Your folks did not know
We were tryin to kick dope
In Mexico.
Track Name: Potato Cakes [Live at Howlers Coyote Cafe, Pittsburg]
How 'bout my longing is killing
not only me but everyone else
in the room
How 'bout my longing is killing
not only me but everyone else
in the universe?

If I could just stay at home.

How 'bout my longing
not only kills but it makes me
appear needy and pathetic?
I try to tell everyone about
L-O-V-E, but we just don't
get it.

If I could just leave you alone.

How about my longing
smells like shit, but
I choose to wear it on my head.
How about my longing
when he's not even good
in bed...

If I could just leave you alone...

How 'bout my longing
is making me out to be
someone that I'm not.
How 'bout my longing's
causing me to cook potato cakes
for those who deserve
to be shot...

If I could just leave you alone.